Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I... fail at blogging. But, DISNEYLAND!!!

"Gosh, this is swell!" ~ Mickey Mouse

So, obviously, this blog is late... But I wanted to wait to post it until I had a picture... And obviously, this picture is EPIC!!! I mean, we are with Winnie the Pooh in Disneyland, which is the happiest place on earth. For Real.

Seriously, the whole time was an absolute blast! We got to meet the princesses and eat Dole Whips and ride some really epic rides. (Indiana Jones ride = wonderful. Fastest ride in the park.)

Sorry, this post is going to be kind of long. Feel free to stop reading pictures and just be satisfied to know that Disneyland made me REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.

The car ride was fun, although I must admit, I kind of slept through a lot of it. And sometimes it was cold, although my blanket, _________, kept me warm.

And there were lots of giraffes.

So, you know. Disneyland. Stops time. Tell your friends.

Sorry, you knew I couldn't resist a Doctor Horrible reference.

I think I'm going to be done now. Before I random myself to death.

What made you happy today?

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  1. I fail at words. So... when you stop reading pictures so that you can mock me, I will understand.